I have transfered to a new hosting Crohoster.com

Probably you could see that thesite is the last 2 days was unavailable for a few brief periods. The reason for this is to obtain sponsorship and switching domain and the entire blog to a new hosting.

DeltaBit Company Ltd. has been good enough to supply me with hosting sponsored one of their strongest packages in exchange for advertising. As you can see from now on will be in the sidebar placed their advertising with a link to the site (do not be shy to click).



And now a few words from DeltaBit-in

DeltaBit LLC is a company incorporated in October 2009. with the aim of providing a number of IT services aimed at domestic and foreign markets. Company’s activity covers the following segments:

  • Outsourcing of IT services
  • Management, optimization and control of IT systems
  • Security analysis, security and forensic IT systems
  • Consolidation and server virtualization
  • Buying hardware from renowned manufacturers and tested software
  • Shared Services (“shared”) web hosting with a choice of cPanel or DirectAdmin administration interface
  • Dedicated and virtual servers specifically tailored to your needs (with the possibility of monitoring and maintenance)
  • Microsoft and Linux server and configure client systems, planning, design and implementation of computer networks
  • Monitoring network activity, implementation of protection (firewall)
  • Providing access to a wireless network in the settlement Kajzerica (Zagreb)
  • Servicing of computers, help with selecting and purchasing
  • Backup, UPS, high availability solutions
  • Web design
  • Development of web applications and databases specifically tailored to your needs
  • IT consulting and documentation
  • User education and technical support


Organization of the company was formed through a series of specialized departments for certain services. Sole owner, who is also director of DeltaBit Ltd. Hrvoje Kusulja. DeltaBit LLC is the name of the company and also the umbrella name under which the company carries out its general activity. Specialized services are provided through the following suits:


  • Crohoster – Providing a “shared” web hosting services. Offers can choose from three types of hosting: cPanel hosting, DirectAdmin hosting, Windows web hosting
  • Nodefusion – Providing services related to dedicated servers and VPS servers.
  • KajNet – KajNet services company DeltaBit (Kajzerica Network) is a wireless access services in the resort’s infrastructure Kajzerica in Zagreb.


I hereby want to thank DeltaBit-in on this offer and hopefully long and successful collaboration.