iFrame code generator

This is nothing special, I created this in about half an hour. This applications is pretty straightforward. You enter link, width and height and the application provides you with a iframe code and quick preview. As I said this is nothing revolutionary but I created this for my fellow colleagues to ease their job.

In our office fellow reporters often have to use iframe code to show some rss boxes or something else and as they don’t know html code I am the on that has to create one.

This is where this application comes in to hand. It uses form post method to get data from the form and print it to the actual iframe with jQuery validation on input fields.

I have double iframe codes here, one to echo the entire code to print and one to create the preview.

Some styling and HTML code was created to make it pretty, and that is it, if someone needs the actual code, contact me and I will share it with you, no problem.